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This faculty consists of six departments for Mool Shastra and Bhota Sampradaya Shastra. However as per monastic educational system, Adhyatma and Nyaya vidyas are two independent vidyas and having different faculties, but to suit the syllabus of the institute these two faculties are combined together. They are:
a. Department of Bhot Bauddha Darshan
b. Department of Sanskrit Bauddha...

This faculty consists of five departments of classical and modern languages related to the Buddhist studies.
a. Department of Bhoti
b. Department of Sanskrit
c. Department of Pali
d. Department of Hindi
e. Department of English

Sowa Rigpa, commonly known as Amchi Medicine, is one of the age-old surviving and well documented system of medicine popular in China, Nepal and Indian Himalayas. It is similar to ancient Indian Ayurveda system of medicine. Sowa Rigpa happened to be the only health care system in Himalayan regions till early 60s for the treatment of various diseases. Amchi system of medicine is best known for...

This faculty consists of five contemporary and modern subjects.
a. Department of Bauddha Puranic History
b. Department of Comparative Philosophy
c. Department of History
d. Department of Economics
e. Department of Political Science

Courses for undergraduate classes are approved by Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi for border area student under Border Area Curriculum.

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi has formulated the course of study for five post graduate departments of the Institute.

The provision of 8 (eight) seats of Research Fellowship are available on the pattern of UGC for the pursuance of Ph.D. in the field of Buddhist Studies and allied subjects.



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