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Sowa Rigpa, commonly known as Amchi Medicine, is one of the age-old surviving and well documented system of medicine popular in China, Nepal and Indian Himalayas. It is similar to ancient Indian Ayurveda system of medicine. Sowa Rigpa happened to be the only health care system in Himalayan regions till early 60s for the treatment of various diseases. Amchi system of medicine is best known for the treatment of mental disorder which is more prone in the present day world. Even after the introduction of modern medicines in Govt. hospitals and health centres, the traditional Amchi system of medicine is still prevalent in the Himalayan region due to its strong social and cultural background. Being an Amchi has been a matter of great dignity in the Ladakhi society as it is one of the faculty of Five Great Learnings (Panch Mahavidyas) of monastic tradition. Keeping in view the importance and utility of the subject, Union Cabinet has recognized Sowa Rigpa as one of the system of medicine on September 13, 2009 by the amendment of Medical Council Act 1990.
Buddhist monasteries are the best repositories of Buddhist sculpture, scroll paintings and wood carvings. Monasteries and personal houses of the Himalayan region are decorated with numerous images of deities, Thanka paintings and beautiful wood carvings. All the three traditional arts of Ladakh are not only popular in Ladakh but also in the western world as well, as numerous tourists show interest in promoting and developing these arts. One of the aims and objectives of the Institute is to preserve and promote these age-old traditional arts and for this the Institute is engaging traditional artisans and arts experts in teaching and giving training to the young generation.
This faculty consists of four departments of traditional Himalayan learning and arts:
a. Department of Sowa Rigpa and Astrology
b. Department of Traditional Scroll/Fresco Painting
c. Department of Traditional Sculpture
d. Department of Traditional Wood Carving

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