The Institute arranges all together 22 various departments under five faculties. Names of the departments and their faculty member are as under:
1. Department of Bhot Buddhist Philosophy
a. Prof. Konchok Wangdus, Professor
b. Geshe Dakpa Kalsang, Reader
c. Khanpo Urgyan Dadul, Reader
d. Geshe Lhundup Shakya, Lecturer
e. Geshe Lobsang Wangchuk, Lecturer
2. Department of Sanskrit Buddhist Philosophy
a. Shri Tsulthim Gyatso, Reader
b. Dr. Shashtipada Chakravarti, Reader
3. Department of Nyingma Sect
a. Khanpo Karma Tenzin, Lecturer
4. Department of Kargyud Sect
a. Khanpo Lobsang Tsulthim Bhutia, Lecturer
5. Department of Sakya Sect
a. Khanpo Jamyang Kunzang, Lecturer
6. Department of Gelug Sect
a. Geshe Lobsang Tsulthim, Lecturer
7. Department of Bhoti Language & Literature
a. Khanpo Konchok Thubtan, Reader
b. Dr. Tsewang Yangjor, Lecturer
8. Department of Sanskrit Language & Literature
a. Dr Bhagwati Prasad, Lecturer
b. Dr. Indra Bhushan Jha, Trained Graduate Teacher
9. Department of Pali
a. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Das, Lecturer
10. Department of Hindi
a. Shri Sonam Wangchuk, Lecturer
b. Dr. Rahul Mishra, Lecturer
11. Department of English
a. Dr. Dilip Kumar Pattanayak, Lecturer
b. Ms Tenzin Choedon, Lecturer
12. Department of Sowa Rigpa and Astrology
a. Dr. Tsewang Yangjor, Reader
b. Dr. Konchok Tsering, Lecturer
c. Dr. Jigme Mingur, Lecturer
13. Department of Traditional Scroll Painting
a. Shri Tsering Dorje, Lecturer
14. Department of Traditional Sculpture
a. Rev. Konchok Thabdol, Master Craftsman
15. Department of Traditional Wood Carving
a. Shri Tsering Chosphel, Instructor
16. Department of Buddhist History
a. Khanchen Tsewang Rigzin, Reader
b. Khanpo Shedrup Konchok, Lecturer
17. Department of Comparative Philosophy
a. Dr. Vipin Kumar Pandey, Lecturer
18. Department of Indian History
a. Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Gautam, Lecturer
19. Department of Economics
a. Dr. Prem Singh Jina, Lecturer
20. Department of Political Science
a. Shri Tsering Choldan, Lecturer
21. Department of Physical Education
a. Dr. Sonam Angchuk, Lecturer
22. Department of Computer
a. Jamyang Lhundup, Instructor



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