Education is the only tool for seeking happiness and avoiding suffering of a person who desires happiness and to shun suffering. But there are different kinds of education systems prevalently existed in the societies due to their various kinds of understanding in happiness, unhappiness and its causes. The education system of the earliest institutional centres of India such as Shri Nalanda and Shri Vikarmashila Mahaviharas were based on the proper understanding of the physical and mental suffering and from the understanding of attachment, hatred and ignorance as a primary cause of those suffering; of ignorance which is understood as not understanding the nature of self. And with this, understanding of impermanence, selflessness and understanding of phenomena as avoid nature, being counter agent was established through minute analysis and examination. As a result of this understanding and through this education system, one is able to understand to uproot the cause of suffering from its root and to find the cause of happiness from inside rather than outside or merely through materialistic comforts.

In concise, this education system is the paramount system of finding ultimate truth of phenomena as an effective and lasting tool for providing genuine happiness which can undoubtedly be an object of ultimate attainment of all sentient beings.

On the other hand, opposite to this education system, from the beginning of 21st century, the understanding of suffering became very limited and consequently, there arise a thought of recognition that suffering is understood and recognized only that is relied only upon bodily feeling and the cause of suffering is also recognized as scarcity of money and property. Opposite to suffering, the happiness and the cause of it is also recognized as bodily happy feeling and materialistic possession as a cause of happiness. Because of this limited understanding, all over the world, every governmental policy and system is strongly focused and made to develop materialistic products to meet that end. As a result, the people in general and particularly the youth of developed and developing countries are undergoing mental problems such as frustration and stress as rising factual issues of seriousness of those countries.

Similarly, in many modern education systems, emphasis is being made to build human beings, a well exposed and informative but doing so it failed to mould and improve the character of human beings. This existing system is failed and lacking in noticing and upgrading the quality of traditional/cultural education system where the focus is laid upon for the improvement of the innate good quality of human beings; where how much a person became well knowledgeable, he/she became ethical, focused, compassionate and wisely intelligent in seeking the truth of phenomena. Due to lacking of this important substance in modern education system, in each and every country and society, we are facing lots of problems that were caused by deterioration in character of the people.

Hence, nowadays, the education system of ancient institutional centre of India such as Nalanda University and which is followed by the institutional centre like CIBS are becoming, a centre of attraction and beneficial with regards to above mentioned reasons all over the world.

The major aims and purposes of this Institute are followed as:

  • Providing quality education to improve and upgrade inner happiness rather than mere external materialistic comfort or happiness.
  • Taking universal responsibility and seeking lasting happiness through imparting the education of Buddhist View of Interdependent origination and non violence practice.
  • Learning modern subjects like economics, mathematics and English language etc. with traditional/cultural education to cope with the time and the society and to produce lots of educated person having combined knowledge of both traditional and modern education.

To meet and fulfill those above aims and purposes of this institute, every member of this institute has been trying to perform their every bit to their best of capacity with responsible thought. I expect this infallible and continual contribution and support from them in future also as today.