Earlier the ten-year syllabi covering the subjects of Buddhist Philosophy, Bhoti Language and Literature, Sanskrit and Hindi were in operation. In the year 1973, the Institute was affiliated to the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi (U.P.) and a special syllabi were drawn up to fulfill the requirements of the border area students. To achieve the aims and objectives of the Institute the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University constituted a Board of Studies to review the syllabi periodically. The Board holds meeting once in a year to review the syllabi and to introduce new courses of study. As per the decision of the Board, Buddhist Philosophy, Bhoti Language and Literature, Sanskrit, Hindi and English are studied as compulsory subjects, while Pali, Comparative Philosophy, History, Bauddha Puranic History, Political Science and Economics as optional subjects.

The Institute provides the degree of Vidya Varidhi (Ph.D.) in Buddhism and allied subjects, two years Acharya in Bhot Bauddha Darshan (Buddhist Philosophy), Sanskrit Bauddha Darshan (Sanskrit Buddhist Philosophy), Bauddha Puranic Itihas (Buddhist History), Bhot Bhasha aur Sahitya (Bhota Language and Literature) and Tulanatmak Darshan (Comparative Philosophy), three years Shastri and two years each Uttara Madhyama and Purva Madhyama respectively. Besides this, six years diploma courses in Sowa Rigpa (Bhot Buddhist Medical Sciences), Scroll (Thanka) Painting, Sculpture and Wood Carving are also being provided by the Institute.

The University of Jammu, University of Kashmir and J&K Board of School Education have recognized the degree of the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University since 1984 on reciprocal basis as equivalents to the degrees given as under:

  1. Purva Madhyama Matriculation (10th)
  2. Uttara Madhyama Higher Secondary (12th)
  3. Shastri (with English) B.A.
  4. Acharya M.A.

The Institute has included the Sampradaya Shastras of Mahayana Buddhism in Shastri and Acharya courses as one of the compulsory optional subjects.