A three storey new Library Building of the Institute named as Sherab Gyasched Tsal was consecrated by H.H. 14th Dalai Lama in 2007. The Library is a vital organ of the Institute not only for the students and teachers of the Institute, but also for the researchers of the country and the world. It has been performing an important role for promoting intellectual and cultural values of Buddhist heritage to a vast range of users since its inception. The Library is governed by a Library Committee consisting of five members of which the Director as the Chairman and the Librarian as Member Secretary. It is one of the biggest libraries in the entire Himalayan region to disseminate knowledge in Buddhist studies, Tibetology and Buddhist Philosophy. A large number of Indian as well as foreign researchers and tourists visits the Institute’s Library every year. The library has two sections, the Sungbum Section for Pothis and books on Buddhism in Bhoti language and the General section for books in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Pali, Urdu languages on various subjects. The library has a collection of more than 32,000 books in General Section on Religion, History, Philosophy, Literature, Language, Polity, Sociology, Sports, Computer, Tibetan Medicine, etc. while in Sungbum Section this number is about 90,000, as Pothis (Spechas) comprises of three or four texts in one Pothi. One set of bKa-gyur (108 volumes) written with golden ink to a approximate value of Rs. 70 lakhs published in Taiwan was donated by H.H. Digung Skyabgon Tsestang Rinpoche to the Institute’s Library. The Library caters to the reading and reference needs of at least 800 students, 200 staff members and many more casual readers and library users such as tourists and research scholars from other parts of India and abroad.

    The library has been computerized by installing Slim Thumi Software. The library applies Colon Classification system devised by S.R. Rangnathan for classification and AACR (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules) for cataloging of books.

    The library has a large collection of Indian as well as Foreign Reference books comprising of Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Almanacs, Year Books etc. The Library subscribes 14 foreign and 30 Indian research journals/periodicals, 25 magazines and 12 newspapers in different languages.