The Institute has established eight Fellowships for Research Scholars on the pattern of U.G.C. The research works are conducted in the field of Buddhist Studies including Buddhist Philosophy, History, Arts and Culture as well as in the four sects of Mahayana Buddhism. The Research Scholars, pursuing research at the Institute, are being awarded Vidya Varidhi (Ph.D.) degree by the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi.

  1. Encyclopaedia Project: The Board of Management of the Institute approved the project of the compilation of Encyclopaedia of Himalayan Buddhist Culture. The project is initially approved for a period of five years to compile the Encyclopaedia of Himalayan Buddhist Culture in 10 volumes. The project is launched by engaging scholars on contractual basis. The project is in progress under the supervision of a Chief Editor assisted by two Editors and three Research Assistants. Two volumes of the Encyclopaedia covering the Ladakh region have been published. The work on other volumes is in progress. This Project runs at the Old Campus of the Institute.
  2. Translation Project: The Board of Management, on the recommendation of the Finance Committee, approved a project to translate the rare Buddhist philosophical texts into Hindi for the benefit of interested scholars and researchers. Accordingly, the translation project is going on with a Chief Editor assisted by an Editor and three Research Assistants. Under the project some books have already been translated and published.
  3. Manuscript Conservation Centre: The National Mission for Manuscripts of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, has established a Manuscript Conservation Centre at the Institute in collaboration with Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh. Documentation and conservation of manuscripts available in different monasteries and individual collection are being done at the Manuscript Conservation Centre. Documentation and conservation of large number of manuscripts has already been done and a large number of manuscripts have still to be documented.